031 - Jason Mathews

June 26, 2018

Jason played in the NFL for 11 years, 4 for the Indianapolis Colts and 7 for the Tennessee Titans. Not bad for a Texas kid who hoped to make his college team. Now he teaches economics at a local high school. Talk about a Pivot! This is a fantastic story and Jason has a lot of wisdom and insight that reaches beyond the bounds of sports. It was great to talk to someone whose experience and interests were so different than mine and to see just how much our stories had in common. You'll love this one.

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030 - Leigh Nash

June 19, 2018

Leigh Nash, lead singer for Sixpence None the Richer, comes by to chat about life before and after a worldwide hit, records we made that we don't like now, and being a conduit for other's words, as well as dealing with worry, and that rascal Dwayne who helps out with the police horses by my house. This was such a fun conversation and it was a treat to get to know more about the Leigh in her own words.

Stay tuned after the interview for Leigh's latest single, a cover of The Pretenders "Don't Get Me Wrong".


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029 - Joseph Williams

June 12, 2018

Joseph is running for the Tennessee State House of Representatives, which was not the plan. A former teacher who, with his wife Palmer, became lawyers employed at the same firm. Then came a day when they knew they had to move on and they left the law firm with no plans and a newborn...

and it was a good thing. 

I've never met a politician before and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to have this real conversation with Joseph. Some great insight into a life I could not even imagine.






028 - Sho Baraka

June 5, 2018

Rapper/speaker/activist Sho Baraka joins Andrew for the first episode of Season Three. Hear about Sho's winding career path, from hip hop to insurance to musical theatre to Faith & Work conversations in Atlanta. This was a fun and fascinating conversaion, particularly when Sho shares about the years where speaking his mind became a liability.

The Pivot is glad to be back!







027 - Rob Wheeler

April 2, 2018

Rob Wheeler is a FASCINATING and thoroughly genius individual. He's running a branch of Covenant seminary, started Friends of L’Abri Nashville, tells some pretty great jokes and is a deeply wise and thoughtful friend. In the intervening months between recording our interview and posting it Rob had another Pivot, so this is a brand-new interview with a little "interviewlet" from the first one added at the end.

Rob is so interesting to me that he lived in Russia and we never got around to it TWICE!

This is our final episode of Season Two. Thank you everyone for listening and for our sponsors for making this possible.

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026 - Carl Meier

March 26, 2018

Carl Meier left his VP position at a national bank to start his own brewery, Nashville's Black Abbey Brewery. This was a fun conversation with a super smart dude. We learn about Carl's transition from finance, to diaper champ, to running the most successful new brewery in Music City.

We also learn A LOT about Martin Luther, beer-making nuns, and why making Belgian beer was at the heart of the reformation. We also learn a little about Mutt Lange and why Def Leppard, Shania Twain and Bryan Adams all kind of sound exactly the same.

What a fun conversation.

For more about Carl and Black Abbey, visit BlackAbbeyBrewing.com




025 - Sandra McCracken

March 19, 2018

One of Nashville's finest songwriters Sandra McCracken joins Andrew to chat about her start in the music business, old record players, and shouting for the church to "Sing it!". While her roots are still firmly planted in alt-country folk music, she has built a large catalog of songs for the Church, and invests much of her time in hymns, sacred songs, children's music, and her position as a worship leader at her Anglican parish here in Nashville.

Find Sandra's new album "Songs From The Valley" and read her writings for each song here: http://www.sandramccracken.com/songsfromthevalleywritings/




024 - Christopher Williams

March 13, 2018

Singer/Songwriter, friend and neighbor of Andrew's, Christopher Williams joins us on The Pivot today, to talk about how you can make a personal change of motive and direction while never changing your specific career. Christopher is a loyal and dear friend and this was a sweet conversation full of wisdom. 

Stay tuned after the episode for a song from Christopher!





023 - Robbie Osenga

March 6, 2018

That's right, Andrew interviewed his brother. Robbie Osenga may hold the podcast record for number of actual pivots in his career. While currently the CPO of web design company Cybernautics, Robbie is also the founder of the LeRoy Preparatory School, has been featured on TedX, and speaks regularly around Central Illinois about education, calling and communication.

This was a fun conversation in their parents' basement over Christmas break. 




022 - Steve Mason

February 26, 2018

Steve Mason is probably the only Platinum-selling, Grammy-winning artist to ever cut my hair, but that's what he's doing a lot of these days. Hear what it was like to go from Jars of Clay to his barbershop, The Handsomzier.